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working live at Urban in Ibiza, Atzaro 2012

I was born in a small town in East Northrhine Westphalia in 1976. As a child, I did a lot of painting, drawing, arts and crafts especially with my mother. Later, mainly through school, I got in touch with fine art, especially on a school trip to Munich where I experienced impressionistic paintings by Monet and his contemporaries at ‚Haus der Kunst‘ live for the first time. The colors set my love for painting on fire.

After school I spent some months in London, UK, broadening my knowledge of fashion and art history at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Tate Gallery, National Gallery and all those numerous other art galleries in the metropolis. Back in Germany I focussed on working on my portfolio and started applying at art colleges and art academies in Germany.

I graduated from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf as Master Student in the class of Prof. Jan Dibbets, who gave his students all liberty to explore their individual direction. I was dedicated to painting with oil on large-scale canvases at that time. 

After graduation I started my teaching career which I had pursued parallel to my artistic work. Since 2010, in which my personal life changed, I – in addition to teaching Art and English at school – have been focussing on my art from a different angle, which since then has developed from an academic painting style with oil into what you can see here on my page – my ‚Mariestyle‘. It is mainly influenced by fashion models, fashion photography, fashion illustration, graffiti and street art. 

The colors and motives I use help me to channel the desire I feel for places of desire, e.g. a place called ‚Tagamago‘, a small private island off the coast of Ibiza in the mediterranean sea. For me, ‚Tagomago‘ (and other places) is the symbol of recharge, mind-change and relaxation, which in our contemporary, globally-competitive and success-driven society is often easily forgotten, but is actually important for our mental and physical health. So in my paintings in the studio and the works in the streets I want to be taken to these places and I express the longing to travel there in my work. 


lives in Hamburg, Germany


1976 born in Rheda-Wiedenbrück

1996 stay abroad in London, UK

1997 portfolio work as student at Lehrinstitut für Design, Rheda-Wiedenbrück

1997-2003 student at Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf (English, German)

1999-2005 student at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (fine arts/painting)

2000-2001 class of Prof. Jörg Immendorff

2001-2005 class of Prof. Jan Dibbets, master student

2007 to 2016 teaching at Erasmus-von-Rotterdam Gymnasium

2010 to 2016 working in the studio in Dsseldorf as well as in the streets

2016 to date stopped working with spray paint because of pregnancy and moved to Hamburg